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Parking @ ONEC1TY

ONEC1TY has multiple options for parking, and all include the first 2 hours FREE.  When entering from Charlotte Avenue, there is a surface parking lot available on the right at C1TY BLOX for visitors of ONEC1TY retailers and the volleyball courts.  If you are visiting 8 C1TY BLVD, that building features an underground parking garage with an entrance from C1TY Place.  This is the most convenient location for guests of TOA or Pastaria.  For Element Hotel visitors, valet services are available for and located in front of The Element Hotel on C1TY Boulevard.

Street parking is also available throughout our community for retail visitors. Some spaces are reserved for 15-minute parking allowing for easy pick-ups – whether it’s a quick coffee from Sump, ice cream from KOKOS, or dinner to go from AVO.

Regardless of where you park and for how long, ALWAYS scan to park – this gives you up to two hours of FREE parking.  After that, it’s only $5 per hour with a maximum charge of $50.00.  (Parking overnight also costs $50.00.) If you have any questions related to parking, please just email us at [email protected].