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ONEC1TY is a mindful, healthy living neighborhood developed by Cambridge. Currently at about 85% complete, the last office tower is under construction and the final developable parcel still houses our shipping container retail village, C1TY BLOX. When complete, ONEC1TY will have approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial and medical office; 850 residential units; 175 hotel rooms; 50,000 square feet of custom curated retail; and 5 acres of event areas, walking trails and green space.


Before becoming ONEC1TY, our 18.7-acre site sat alongside a rail line that had divided Nashville for decades. The addition of the 28th/31st Avenue Connector Bridge, a key initiative to unite prosperous West Nashville and historically underserved North Nashville – with both sides having proud, prestigious healthcare and educational institutions – coincided with our development and inspired our name. The former rail and lumber yard is now a community destination for all interested in mindful, healthy living.

The oneC1TY site in 2011
The West Nashville rail yard in 1920 on what would become oneC1TY's site


When we began ONEC1TY, Nashville was the national leader in healthcare, but ranked as 5th least healthy city in the United States. ONEC1TY has become our living laboratory for transformational, mindful development that changes the paradigm from “Healthcare to Health.”

  • Approximately 5 acres public green space restored to previous rail yard site

  • Active outdoor amenity investment + activation: trails, paths, parks, event lawn, stage and pond

  • “Complete” streets; pedestrian-friendly sidewalks; bioswaled medians remove pollutants

  • Building positioning encourages occupants to get outside, move along streetscapes

  • Resident-controllable circadian rhythm lighting and blackout shades in residential buildings aid alertness during waking hours and promote restful sleep

  • 18 hour per day activities promote gathering and enjoyment of community

Our Yard provides lush green space for events and enjoyment
Athletic events occur regularly at ONEC1TY


ONEC1TY’s sustainable design features abundant green space and a community lawn and encourages walking, biking and enjoyment of the outdoors, music and art. Site design, infrastructure, transportation and building design have been planned and are being constructed for LEED Neighborhood Development certification.

8 C1TY Blvd was awarded the first ever ULI Building Healthy Places Award in 2017, is LEED Gold certified and was the catalyst for the surrounding 18.7 acre LEED ND campus. It became our health and technology microcosm, where clinical orthopedics, technology and data sharing, and research and innovation meet.


  • 100% irrigation provided by harvesting of stormwater, groundwater and condensate in our Watershed

  • LED site lighting – dramatically more efficient, consumes fewer resources

  • Building orientations maximize daylight, minimize solar heat gain

  • Recycled + regional reclaimed materials used throughout

  • Low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

  • High-quality HVAC provides better air filtration, reduces bacteria + mold

  • Green roofs absorb heat, insulate and reduce energy needs + stormwater runoff

  • 50+ % glass increases natural light + improves productivity, healing and mood for occupants

  • Reflective materials mitigate need for cooling, reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Reclaimed wood from our site graces several buildings at ONEC1T Y
The Shay brings the outdoors in with movable glass walls